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Dec 17, 2019

Are you leaving money on the table each month as an Amazon FBA Seller? Are you fed up with all the fees Amazon is charging that are draining your ecommerce business profit margins? 

Yes, fees are tough and it’s hard to make a profit on some items selling on Amazon. A lot of sellers are not aware of the fact that they can lower their FBA fulfilment fees and actually increase their profitability. 

Take a deep breath and start listening because in this podcast episode, Kathleen opens up about simple yet smart ways to save on costs. Take the opportunity to learn from an industry expert and get the full breakdown on each of them and learn how to save money and get ahead of your competitors. Let’s start increasing your profit today!

It can be difficult to make a profit selling on Amazon, particularly when it comes to selling certain items. Here are 4 ways that you could potentially save money on Amazon FBA fees and increase your profit margins today. 

Don’t sell items that retail for less than $10. It can be hard to profit from these low priced items. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever sell items under $10. If you really want to, check to see if you qualify and then utilize Amazon’s Small and Light program.

Remeasure your products to ensure the weight and dimensions are correct. This is what your FBA fees are based off of and if they’re incorrect, you could be losing some serious cash every time you sell an item.

Sell in multipacks. Instead of selling 1 product, sell 2, 3, 4, etc of the same item bundled together. This allows for only one fulfillment fee for selling multiple products. 

Bundle a low priced product with another product. Take two or three different items and bundle them together and sell them on one one product listing. Like the bundle idea, this also creates only one fulfillment fee for multiple products and will save you money on those FBA fees. 

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