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Oct 29, 2019

Scott Voelker of the Amazing Seller podcast holds nothing back on this first guest episode on Masters of Marketplace podcast. Scott is one of the most authentic, genuine and influential ecommerce experts and hosts a top rated marketing podcast.

In this episode, Scott shares his entrepreneurial journey and how his business has evolved over the years, along with his recommendations on how to get started selling online, the true costs of starting a brand online and how to get started even if you don't have much money to invest initially.

Scott gives his expert recommendations on how to build your brand outside of Amazon, the importance of mindset and he talks about how taking action made amazing things happen for him, like his podcast, his live event Brand Accelerator Live and his new book The Take Action Effect.

Can you still make money on Amazon? How can you earn money right away? What if you are just starting selling online today? All this and more as this special guest shares a real and proven strategy on how to create different streams of revenue and built a legitimate business of our own. So let’s dive in! 

Show notes can be found at: